Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pimp Your Screen Is Now Available For Android Phones

Pimp Your Screen is an application used to customize the android devices 

using widgets and wallpapers.Pimp Your Screen is mainly released for IOS 

devices since long time, Now it's available for Android devices.
Pimp Your Screen Is Now Available For Android Phones
Pimp Your Screen customizes the devices through high quality wallpapers 

and fancy widgets like weather and clock besides some screen shortcuts.

The application is simple and doesn't need a lot of explanation as it consists 

of a very simple interface with two labels, the first one for customizing the 

background and contains many labels according to image category using this 

part you can go to the most popular images as well as the new ones as well 

as you can activate changing the background automatically according to a any 

period you want, the second one is for screen shortcuts "widgets" which 

contains a lot of amazing ones like weather, clock and battery in addition to 

settings shortcut.

For IOS users Pimp Your Screen is very famous and popular as it gives them 

backgrounds make the icons more colorful.The application is now available on 

play store for .99$, In my opinion I think  it's great specially it will receive 

updates soon.


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