Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Text Now" For Sending Free SMS and Making Free Calls

In this article I'm going to share an amazing application for android devices 

through which you can make free call and send free SMS it's "Text Now", This 

application is the same as Vibre and Whatsapp which are blocked in some 

countries, Text Now uses your mobile number to register (didn't i say it looks 

like vibre and whatsapp).
Make Free calls
Advantages of Text Now:-

1-It's Free.

2-Sending and receiving unlimited number of Messages.

3-Supports Immediate chat.

4-Can make and receive calls.

5-The ability to win extra minutes or buying offers to get big number of 


6-The ability to insert Images in chat.

7-the ability to make signature on messages.

8-You can customize a ring call for the application.

9-Adjust specific ring tone for specific people or friends.

10-Alerts on case there is incoming calls, missed calls and new messages.

11-You can install it on the computer as there version for PCs.

12-The device is available for Android, Windows phones and IOS.

You can install the application for the official site here 

OR from the play store here


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