Sunday, July 28, 2013

Transfer Files Between Computers With Ant Send Using WI-FI

Transferring files from one computer to other can be a difficult if you do not 

have external storage media (Ex. External hard disk, Pen drive). People 

usually prefer LAN sharing. But there is a nice tool Any Send that can solve 

you problem. With this software utility, you can easily transfer files between 

two computers over Wi-Fi network. This is a cross-platform tool and supports 

Windows, Mac and Android. Notable thing about the tool is that there is no 

file size limit and transfer speed is good enough.

For transferring files from one system to other, you need to install this tool in 

both computer. After installation, it will add an icon to the Windows task bar 

(Menu bar in MAC). Now select files which you want to transfer and copy 

(CTRL + C) to clipboard. Now click on the task bar icon and select the 

computer to which you want to transfer files. 

On other system, it will ask the permission to accept the file. Accept the file 

and the file will be saved to the other system.

Get Any Send 


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