Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Need To Have Phone With Androidly Smart Watch

Most of high Tech companies tend to manufacture smart watches as one of 

the most promising industries, Even Apple is planing to release it's smart 

Watch "IWatch" next year.But Samsung released one this year mostly like 

Sony Smart Watch .


The common purpose of these smart watches is that you can use it as 

watch or an attached device depends on phone.

Androidly watch is considered a phone but designed as watch. it has a lot of 


1.Androidly weighs about 160 gram.

2.Androidly 's dimensions are 1.4 x 4.2 x 6.4 cm.

3.Androidly is running on android 2.2 and has a lot of built in applications like 

Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube and Google Plus as well as social network 

applications like Facebook, Twitter and IMO. as well as an application to 

watch TV channels online.

Androidly has office applications like Quick Office and Adobe reader. also it 

has games like angry birds and others. Androidly has Google Play application 

to download application and games from the Store as it has more than 

100,000 application and game on the store, and this is considered an 

advantages as the other watches doesn't have any supported applications on 

the market.

4.It has a 2 Inches capacitive touch screen has a resolution 320 x 240 Pixel.

5.Androidly has a 416 Miga HZ processor and 416 Rams.

6.Androidly comes with a 8G micro SD can be raised to 16G.

7.It's considered the first smart watch that supports making calls as it has a 

SIM port under the battery also it contains microphone and headphones and 

supports  2G (GSM 2.5).Androidly supports WI-FI and Bluetooth and has 2 

Miga pixel camera.

Androidly is available with 219$ and I think this price is so suitable compared 

with other smart watches.


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