Sunday, July 28, 2013

Twitter Laucnhed Vine

Twitter Launched Vine For Android

Twitter Launched Vine For Android  this awesome application 

enables users to share videos that doesn't pass 6 seconds.
This application 

has been launched after 5 months launching it for IOS phones since last 

january, after twitter has bought Vine the owner company of the idea.

This step will broaden the uses of this application on android as it 
has been 

used on over 13 million IOS device, vine will be supporting android versions 4 

or higher.

-But the company was anxious providing android users a special feature on 

Galaxy S4 and HTC ONE, it enabled them to zoom in or out.

Update:-Vine now supports the front camera in the new update, after 

Facebook supported sharing videos in Instagram, also Twitter will bring some 

other advantages as it will make sharing videos faster on vine and the new 

update will be 1.2.0 will include some other new features like making the 

application faster and smoother  with new look and fixing some bugs. 

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