Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How To Send Free Message Using Gmail

There are many free SMS sending websites are available on the Internet 

which allow users to send free SMS, but you can do this free without any 

surveys or and purchases, just follow this:

1.You need to have Gmail account here.

2.If you have an account login and Then find the chat gadget at the left 

sidebar. Here enter the name of the person in the search whom you want to 

send the sms. take the mouse over it and click on send SMS.

How To Send Free Message Using Gmail

Now enter the mobile number of the person and then click on save.Then type 

the mesage and press enter to send the message.

How To Send Free Message Using Gmail

If your contact replies, the text message response will appear as a reply in 

Chat. These conversations are stored in your Chat history just like regular 


NOTE: Gmail will not charge for any message you send to any number on 

supported operators.  However, mobile providers' standard charges will 

apply to any SMS messages sent from a mobile device to Google Chat. 

Please check your mobile provider's price plan for details. 

You will be given 50 credits. Each time you send a SMS, 1 credit will be 

deducted from your account. If your SMS credit goes down to zero at any 

point, it will increase back up to one 24 hours later. So, you won't ever be 

locked out of the system.

There are 3 rules for the SMS:

1.Initially, you're granted a credit of fifty messages.

2.Every time you send a message, your credit decreases by one.

3.Every time you receive an SMS message in Chat (for example when a phone 

user replies to one of your messages) your credit increases by five, up to a 

maximum of 50.

You can only send SMS to these operators in your country check available 

operators here.


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