Thursday, August 22, 2013

Play "Missile Command" on Youtube

Youtube is very interesting site and considered one of the most important 

social sites which renders information for users, Imagine yourself watching 

your favorite video when someone tries to destroy it. Your job will be to 

protect it! Youtube presents a new game called ‘Missile Command’ in which 

your job is to protect your favorite video from getting destroyed as it is 

attacked by missiles. But the question arises how you can play this game. 

Well I am going to show you exactly how you can play this new fun game 

introduced by Youtube.

The game ends when your video gets full destroyed and does not depend on 

the length of the video whatsoever. To play this game, do the following:

· Open any Youtube video.

· Start Playing it.

· Then pause it and type ‘1980’

· You will find that the video starts buffering from the very start but the video 

slides down and a game comes in its place. You have to click once to start 

playing the game.

That is it....Enjoy!!


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