Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Recover Winrar Password

This is a major problem faced any of us as he wants to recover his rar 

password or his downloaded file which is protected by a password, so in this 

guide I will  explain how to proceed that.we will break the password through 

method called brute forceattack. So lets start cracking the password ^^

1.Download this tool then install it.

2.After installing it press on Open to select the password protected winrar 


How to Recover Winrar Password

3.Now define the password length and select allowed characters according to 

your requirement.

4.Click on star.

5.You will have password box shown on your screen.

How to Recover Winrar Password

This tool cracks up to 3 alphabets if you are using unregistered version, So if 

you want to crack more than that purchase it.

Another Method through Brute Force

What's Brute Force?

Brute force attack is a strategy used to break the encryption of data. It 

involves traversing the search space of possible keys until the correct key is 


In this attack, every letter, number and special character combination is tried 

out for password. And password is returned if it matches with actual winrar 

password. This is somewhat slow but cracks every password, provided 

sufficient time.

Steps To Crack RAR Passwords : 

Step 1: First Download Advanced Archive Password Recovery 4.53 to crack rar 

file password.

Step 2: Now, install it and run "Advanced Archive Password Recovery " (tested 

to be working on Windows XP and Windows Vista and Seven) 

Step 3: Click the folder Icon under Encrypted RAR file and search for your RAR 


Step 4: Select all options under "Brute-force range options".

Step 5: Then go to the lenght tab and edit the "Max Lenght" to 20

In Range tab you can also set different combination for password cracking 

such as character + digit etc.

Step 6: Click Start at the top and let it do the work for you this might take 

hours depending on how long the password is!

advanced Archive Password Recovery

Password:  vparif

Serial : ARPR-83296730531875-CBBVYBXFEXDEVPMB


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