Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Most Important Run Commands

A Windows 7 run command is, very simply, the executable for a particular 

program. In other words, a run command is the name of the actual file that 

starts an application.

Knowing the run command for a particular program in Windows 7 can be 

helpful if Windows isn't working properly but you do have access to a 

command line interface or if you'd just like to access a particular program 

more quickly.

Don't See a Run Command? Please let me know so I can add it. Please know, 

however, that many Windows 7 run command lists online incorrectly include 

Command Prompt commands or Control Panel "commands" as run commands.

-IP Configuration (Display ConnectionConfiguration)>>>>ipconfig /all

-IP Configuration (Display DNS Cache Contents)>>>>ipconfig /displaydns

-IP Configuration (Delete DNS Cache Contents)>>>>ipconfig /flushdns

-IP Configuration (Release All Connections)>>>>>ipconfig /release

-IP Configuration (Renew All Connections)>>>>>ipconfig /renew

-IP Configuration 

(RefreshesDHCP &ReRegistersDNS)>>>ipconfig/registerdns

-Security Center>>>>wscui.cpl

-System Configuration Utility>>>>msconfig

-Know the system temporary files and you can delete them>>%temp%

-windows registry editor>>>regedit


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