Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to change/hack password of user in Windows 7

Windows 7 like all other Windows operating system allows for the setting up 

of passwords for different user accounts. Only a person knowing the password 

can login or even if a person finds the computer logged on, he cannot change 

the password without knowing what the initial password is. But the point is 

that this security system is vulnerable. The password of the user can be 

easily changed. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to change or 

remove the password of user in Windows 7. If in any day you find the user 

has logged into his account and left it unattended, it will be the time to act 

and change the password. We will not really know the original password of 

the user but we will change it to something else without the need of the old 

password! So the con of this trick is that you either have to remove the 

password or change it to something new. In either case the user will certainly 

know that his account has been hacked. So the most you can use this trick is 

as a prank. We need cmd for this trick. So let’s get started:

1- Type cmd in the Start Menu and press enter.

2- In the cmd window type ‘net user’.

How to change/hack password of user in Windows 7

You will get a list of all the user accounts of that computer.

3-Now type in ‘net user username’ (Replace username with the original name).

4-You will get the details of that account.

How to change/hack password of user in Windows 7

 Now type ‘net user username *’

You will be asked to enter the new password of the account. To remove the 

password i.e. not keep a new password, press Enter twice and to change the 

password, type in the new password and press Enter (The password you enter 

will not be visible). You will be asked to retype the password. Do so and 

press Enter again. You are done!!

How to change/hack password of user in Windows 7


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