Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to change the cursor in Windows 7

Hello guys. Welcome. Today I have come up with a trick which is not that 

cool but interesting still. In this very small tutorial I show you how you can 

change the cursor in Windows 7. Changing the cursor is a very easy task and 

does not take much time unlike some of my other tricks! Using this trick you 

can either change to the default cursors provided by windows or you can even 

use a fancy one which you have downloaded. Anyway we will just be changing 

the cursor so that it does not remain the same, old and boring white. Let us 

change it to black for instance. Remember you can change it to any cursor 

that you have downloaded...Let’s get started.

1-Open Control Panel.

2-Click on Mouse.

3-Move to the Pointers tab.

4-Under scheme open the dropdown menu and select the desired theme.

How to change the cursor in Windows 7

5-Click on Apply and then Ok.

6-The changes will take place.

To change only the cursor to your downloaded file, click on the type of cursor 

you would like to change under ‘Customize’.  Browse and select your 

downloaded cursor file. Click on Apply and then Ok. You will find that under 

the Customize option the option that you had selected has been replaced by 

your downloaded file.

That is't Enjoy!!


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