Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How To Download Facebook Look Back Video

So, this year Facebook turns 10. A great moment for the world's best social 

networking site. To add to the celebrations, facebook is providing 'lookback' 

videos to all of its members at facebook.com/lookback.

The lookback videos certainly make you nostalgic and you would want to 

download the video. Here is how you can do so:

1.) Copy this code:

var xLBD = {};
xLBD.c = function (){
xLBD.f = unescape(document.querySelector("[flashvars]").getAttribute("flashvars")).substring(7);
xLBD.f = JSON.parse(xLBD.f.substring(0, xLBD.f.lastIndexOf("}") + 1)).video_data[0].hd_src;
xLBD.a = "<div style='position:absolute;top:100px;height:300px;left:15%;background:‪#‎fff‬;border:10px solid #000;font-size:5em;padding:100px;'>Click <a download='lookback.mp4' href='"+xLBD.f+"'>here<\/a> to download your lookBack video.</div>";
document.body.innerHTML += xLBD.a;
if(document.readyState == "complete")
else window.onload = xLBD.c;

2.) Open the www.facebook.com/lookback

3.) Press Ctrl + Shift + J.

4.) A console will open up. Paste ur code in the console and press Enter

How To Download Facebook Look Back Video

5.) A windows will open. Click to download the video. The video opens 

separately. Right Click and select Save Video.

How To Download Facebook Look Back Video

That is it Enjoy!!


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