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How to make your site or your forum in the first rank of the search results in Google

How to make your site or your forum in the first rank of the search results in Google

Every blogger dreams to get his blog highly ranked in google search, and 

appear at the top of google suggestion.

This is so easy, not difficult as some blogger thinks just read this article and 

you will find the secret.

1-Create new and original content

create a good and original content for your articles Search engines use 

web robots (spider/crawler) designed to search a website and    

grab keywords and text from the website to be listed on their search engine. 

If your site does not have a lot of content, your chances of being found are 

significantly decreased, your articles should have at least 400 word to appear 

in google search results.

2-Update your blog content frequently

Update and add new content frequently. If your site contains frequently 

updated content, visitors have yet another reason to return 

and bookmark your site and search engine crawlers will visit your site more 

often. We recommend creating at least 2-3 pages of new content weekly or 

even better a new page every day. Sites that have not been updated in over 

month are considered abandoned pages by most visitors.

3-Choose a custome Domain for your site

If you plan on doing anything with your web page, a domain name is a must. 

When registering a domain name make sure the name is a short, simple, and 

easy to spell and remember. For example,computerhope is a much easier 

name to remember and type than computerhopesfreetechnicalhelp. Many of 

the common domain names have already been taken, so try to think of as 

many names as possible. Doing a whois lookup is an easy way to determine 

what domains are available, the Go Daddy who is is an example of such a 


4-URL Keywords

Add keywords into your URL by adding subdirectories that are your keywords.

for example the android section it's URL should look like that>>>

http://webarenaa.blogspot.com/search/label/andriod As you can see, this URL 

has a keyword which is: Android. Use this to your advantage, search engines 

today convert your URL to text and use it as a method of indexing your web 


5-Domain 301 redirects

After you've registered your domain make sure your domain is properly 

forwarding to the address you want. For example, Webarenaa wants to be

 http://www.webarenaa.com not http://webarenaa.com.If we did not forward 

the URL it could mean that Google and other search engines will treat both 

domains as different domains and could mean a lower page rank,If your page 

is not forwarding you or your web host will need to create a 301 redirect for 

your site.

6-Keep it simple, clean, and fast

When first visiting a web page, most visitors do not scroll down. Keep the 

important and eye-catching information on the first viewable page. If your 

page has a lot of information, create bookmark links in the first section so 

visitors can jump to what interests them. Finally, never make a visitor 

scroll horizontal, a web page that scrolls left-to-right causes frustration and 

most visitors will not even realize they need to scroll and leave.

The top headers of all your pages should be small, at most one to two inches 

in height. A large header will make the visitor scroll down on every page and 

is often distracting for users who visit the site frequently.

Make sure the overall load time of a web page is at or around four seconds. 

Fast load times keep visitors on your site and search engines like Google use 

a web pages load time as part of their algorithm for ranking your page in the 

search results. Run portions of your web page through online tests to help 

determine the slow portions of your page.

7-Subscribers/Followers help you build long-term traffic

However, you should never solely rely on Google traffic, because it is not safe 
to depend on one source of traffic. It is wise that your goal of getting long-
term traffic is to build email lists, gain fans and followers whenever your site 
get free traffic from Google, this can help you backup your traffic source and 
build a relationship with your audience.
8-Set Up Authorship With Your Personal Profile
Google Authorship is a phenomenal project by the search engine giant to enable 
content creators to make a verified connection between their original content 
anywhere on the Internet and their Google+ profiles.
By setting up Google Authorship, authors may have their profile photo and an 
Authorship Rich Snippet displayed in search results. In addition, the author’s 
Google+ circle count, a linked byline that leads to the author’s profile and a 
link to “More by” to that author’s related content – all may be included with 
the snippet. In this article, I will cover why it is important to set up Google 
Authorship and include a visual tutorial how you can accomplish setting up 
Google Authorship in your WordPress website or blog with your Google Plus 


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