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The keywords are the most important element in SEO, for search engines in 

general. In fact, these keywords are used by Search Parse in order to access 

the search results. Therefore, it is clear the importance of working to create 

the site in terms of the right keywords. This seems easy at first, but if we 

have entered into details, it'll be difficult to determine the exact Keyword, 

however, and with a little research and thinking, can solve the problem of 

selecting the right keywords to show your site in suitable search results.

-You should put in mind these main factors:-

Keyword Density

After working on the choosing keywords that provide the best description of 

the site, and users find it attractive the next step is to make the effort to 

make your site rich in key words. 

The degree of availability of keywords at one common metrics to measure the 

link page available on the site and in general the idea is that the greater the 

number of keywords on the site, the greater the degree of link page on the 

site with the Search string. The best degree of availability ranging between 

3% -7% of the Keyword major bilateral or trilateral, and 1% -2% for the 

Keyword is key. Despite the absence of any rules that determine this process, 

you can try to create a logical and acceptable number of keywords 5 or 10 

words s will be an acceptable number. If you are trying to work to create a 

list consisting of 300 words, you will see that it is not possible to obtain the 

degree of availability of good keywords for more than a few keywords without 

work on disrupt the keywords on the site. The worst that there are many of 

the imposed sanctions on the process of filling the site by the keywords is 

not necessary because these things are things that are immoral in its 

attempt to manipulate search results and deceive search engine.

Using a special places for keywords

The keyword is not very important in terms of quantity, for example, if the 

website had the largest number of keywords, titles, or the opening 

paragraphs consider of the advantage to put in them your keywords. The 

reason is that URL and in particular the domain name, the names of the files, 

the name of the page, and the names of the addresses of the separate 

partitions is more important than normal text on the page, and this, if the 

degree of availability of keywords on your site is the same degree of 

availability of these words on the sites of your competitors, but you have 

more than them have keywords on the title page's URL, and this will 

strengthen your position on the Yahoo search engine significantly.

Keywords in Special Places

Keywords are very important not only as quantity but as quality as well – i.e. 

if you have more keywords in the page title, the headings, the first 

paragraphs – this counts more that if you have many keywords at the bottom 

of the page. The reason is that the URL (and especially the domain name), 

file names and directory names, the page title, the headings for the separate 

sections are more important than ordinary text on the page and therefore, all 

equal, if you have the same keyword density as your competitors but you 

have keywords in the URL, this will boost your ranking incredibly, especially 

with Yahoo!


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