Monday, July 8, 2013

Youtube Traffic

Youtube Traffic

YouTube is one of the most popular sites and in addition to all the fun there, 

YouTube offers many opportunities for promotion and getting traffic to your 

site. Similarly to Facebook and Twitter, in order to use YouTube successfully 

for promotion and getting traffic, you need to know the rules for this. Here 

are some tips how to promote yourself, your site, and your products and how 

to get free traffic from YouTube.

 post viral videos

There are millions of videos on YouTube. If you post a video nobody is 

interested in, this video will go unnoticed, as millions of other videos. The 

clue to getting traffic from YouTube is to post useful videos, or even better – 

viral videos. Viral videos are not only useful videos, but they also tend to 

appeal to large groups of people. If your video manages to get viral, people 

will promote it for you and the only thing left for you is to reap the benefits.

Create an amazing channel profile

Similarly to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site, an 

interesting profile is a must. If people like your videos, they will check your 

profile to learn more about you. When they see that your profile is boring, 

they won't bother more with you. You can make your profile a bit informal but 

don't make it as if it were the profile of a crazy teenager – you are using 

YouTube for business, right?

Include your website logo in the video

Your logo and your website URL are your major branding weapons. This is 

why you must include them in the video. You can include them in the 

beginning of the video or at the end. It is best to have your logo and URL 

throughout the whole video because this way you will be gaining lots of 

exposure but if you can't do it (for instance because of artistic 

considerations), the beginning and the end of the video will suffice.

Post in serial

Standalone videos can become a hit but it is best if you create series of 

videos and post them once a day/week. This way viewers will know that there 

will be more and they will be coming to check. Even if you don't create series, 

at least try to post videos regularly – this builds audience loyalty.

Post video responses for your followers

Video responses are one of the unique things about YouTube and you should 

take full advantage of it. Search your niche, choose the most popular videos 

in your niche and post video responses to them. Just be careful that the 

response you post is related to the video you are responding to and don't 

make your video response a blatant self-promotion.

Keep your videos short

YouTube doesn't impose limits on the length of videos it publishes but 

generally long videos are boring. 3 to 5 minutes is the best duration for a 

video but if required you could go from 1 to 6 minutes. When a video is 

longer than 6 or 7 minutes, this gets boring and not many people will watch 

it to the end (where your logo and URL are to be found). 3 to 5 minutes is 

enough to lay your idea, give some details AND tell viewers to visit your site 

for more.


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